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JCCV Seal Coating Schedule

JCCV Residents,

The road will be seal coated beginning Wednesday October 6th. It will be done in 3 stages. Each stage will require that you do not drive on the sealed section for two days. During that time you will need to park your cars elsewhere within the circle. Be sure to move your cars the day before or you will be unable to leave the circle for two days. Please contact Joe Claro if you have any questions.

The schedule will be as follows:
Stage 1
Wednesday October 6 – This will affect 861 -869, 871-879, 880-888, 881-889, 891-897, 890-898. This section will be closed Wednesday October 6 and will reopen Friday October 8.
Stage 2
Tuesday October 12 – This will affect 899-903, 904-906, 905-907 and the left side of the entrance. This section will be closed Tuesday October 12 and will reopen Thursday October 14.
Stage 3
Friday October 15 – This will affect 801-807, 809-815, 817-823, 822-824, 826-826, 825-831, 834-836, 833-837, 841-843, 845-851, 853-861 and the right side of the entrance. This section will be closed Friday October 15 and will reopen Sunday October 17.
CLICK HERE to view the schedule for the Seal Coating.

Please notify your renters and guests of this notice.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Rules for Pool Reopening

The pool was reopened on, Monday, April 27, 2020, from Sunrise to Sunset, under the rules set forth in the Guidelines for using the pool during the COVID19 Pandemic.

Please follow them for your health and safety as well as your neighbors.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Jacaranda Country Club Villas
Board of Directors

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