The Jacaranda Country Club Villas Condominium (hereinafter referred to as “the Association”) were developed from 1980 to 1986 by three consecutive builders. The original builder did the first twenty units plus units 841 and 843.

Management of the Association was transferred from the builder to the homeowners in 1987. At that time, the Association hired Keys-Caldwell to assist the Board of Directors in its day-to-day management of the Association, and Keys-Caldwell continuously served in that capacity until December 2017 when both parties agreed to terminate the agreement.

In January 2018 the Association signed an agreement with Sunstate Management Group (hereinafter referred to as “Property Manager”) to assist the Board of Directors in the day-to-day management of the Association. In addition, the Property Manager is responsible for the enforcement of covenant and deed restrictions, administration of contracts for the maintenance of lawns, shrubbery, irrigation, pool, and pest control. The Property Manager is also responsible for posting billings, disbursing payments to vendors, compiling financial statements, administering the preparation and filing of tax returns, and all other related real estate management functions. The Association’s Board of Directors makes decisions on how to manage the affairs of the Association and the Property Manager acts to carry out these decisions.

The JWHOA#1 is responsible for maintenance of roads, drainage, waterways, and lakes. The Association is responsible for enforcing covenants and deed restrictions. Owners pay an annual maintenance fee to JWHOA#1 for their services, which is separate from the JCCV Association quarterly maintenance fee.

(Revised 01/15/2018)

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